Hi, i always mounted tires on my multiple Bontrager Line 30 wheelset (both Line comp 30, and Line elite 30) in 29".
Inner width of approx 29mm.

With Bontrager wheels I always used gently tire levers tu pull the tires on. I start putting on the tire on the center of the channel, and finish on the valve. When seating tubeless i always put soapy water on beads, and need to put pressure at about 2.5 bar(36 psi), to hear some loud POP and the tire seated. Nothing strange and nothing difficult. Sometimes also at higher pressure the tire in a point don't seat, and a deflate the tire, apply more soap on this area, and reinflate to get also this part seated.

Yesterday i removed the stock tires from my new stock Dt swiss M 1900 29", 30mm inner width, to mount some of my old tires. The tires went on by hand on both sides... No tire lever needed. No need to soap the beads, and no need to go as high in pressure. The POP sounds of the beads seating was so quiet... i hardly hear it.

What's strange with DT Swiss rims? Is it normal? Are the Dt swiss in a smaller overall diameter (maybe just 1mm, so the tire mount and seat more easly?).

Have you experienced the same?
As i like to change ofter tires, i don't know if i want to go back to Bontrager... as DT Swiss is far more easy.

How are the Hunt rims? More on the Dt Swiss or more tight as the Bontrager?