Creak with king disc hubs-
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    Creak with king disc hubs

    I am having a problem with King ISO disc hubs. The hubs are knurled only on one side. The smooth side is on the disc side, and under hard braking, they slide very slightly in the dropout leading to a horrendous creaking noise from the rear of the bike.

    Anyone else have similar problems?

    Anyone know why this side of the King hub is smooth?

    I discussed the problem with customer service at king. They referred me to engineering, and I have an email sent in. Currently they do not make a knurled disc side to their standard 3 piece axle, but their HD one piece axle does have knurled ends on both sides, which would solve the issue. If it's good for the HD axle, why not the normal axle?

    If other people are having a similar problem, I would like to know in an attempt to "encourage" the king folks to offer a knurled disc side to their iso disc hub.



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    Quote Originally Posted by enelnelson

    Anyone know why this side of the King hub is smooth?
    The smooth axle end is exactly why I bought King hubs, it helps ensure consistent alignment with the dropouts. I have had no slippage/creaking problems (I use steel Salsa skewers). My XT hubs were fully knurled and a pain in the ass to consistantly align when reinserting the rear wheel.

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