• 02-17-2011
    Chris King ISO rear hub 135mm Fun bolt to QR or 10MM? (Conversion Options?)
    Currently I have a Chris King ISO 135 MM heavy-duty rear axle with fun bolts. I had to go with the bolt on option because of my Spot Longboard belt drive so the wheel would be solid! (1st generation)

    Now I am going with a sliding dropout setup and want to get rid of the fun bolts!

    1) Can I simply remove the fun bolts and use a DT Swiss RWS 135mm X 10 skewer? (I bet the threads inside the axle for the fun bolts will get in the way....)

    2) Does anybody have a QR or 10 mm thru axle skewer they would be willing to sell?

  • 02-19-2011
    the cracker
    Man, I just bought a set of funbolts to stiffen up the rear of my bike.I would have traded ya. I bet chrisking would sell ya the qr plugs if you call customer service. They are pretty helpfull.
  • 02-21-2011
    1) No, you can't use the RWS 135mm X 10mm skewer. Your choice is to use the fun bolts or use the QR adapters. If you want to use a 10mm skewer or bolt, you will need to install a CK 10mm axle.

    2) Can't help you there, but if you don't want to pay full price on the QR adapters, watch ebay. They show up occasionally.

    But why not use the fun bolts? They don't work with a sliding dropout?
  • 03-13-2011
    in the trees
    I'm in the same boat. Any confirmation that the threads on the Fun Bolt axle will interfere with a 10mm thru axle? I'm not really interested in investing another $70 on a new axle for this practically brand new King hub/wheel.
  • 03-13-2011
    CK Fun Bolts / Heavy Duty Axle / 10 mm Axle
    The threads on the fun bolts are larger than 10 mm and then taper down to 10 mm. So you can't just put a 10 mm through bolt into the threaded axle without changing to a CK 10 mm axle. I have a picture but it's to many KB to post. I don't know how to downsize the picture. P.M. me with your email and I can send you a picture and it will make it clear as to why it won't work without changing the axle.
  • 03-14-2011
    In the trees,

    I also didn't want to drop the cash on a new axle....so I ended up ordered just QR screw in inserts. Not as stiff as the 10mm thru but it is a very quick/simple fix.
    Good luck.
  • 03-14-2011
    I use the fun bolts with my Paragon Sliders. No issues.
  • 03-16-2011
    I'm on the same boat as the OP. I'm looking into getting an ISO CK hub but my LBS only has the QR version in stock. The QR adaptor can be removed from the hub revealing a 12mm thread fitting for the fun bolts. I asked my machinist if he can fabricate an adapter with a 12mm exterior thread and a 10mm inner diameter hole and he said it is doable. The adapter would probably cost me $10 while the whole axle conversion kit costs $70. Do you guys think it would work? One thing I noticed is that on the QR axle, the end caps of the axle have teeth, while on the 10mm axle it is smooth. Would this make any difference? Do you think I would encounter problems with making my own adaptor? TIA.