• 10-19-2016
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    Choice of tire, and black or tan sidewall? Onza Canis, Racing Ralph, X-king...
    Hi, i am looking for something for Xc riding, and thought that i would get something mer for wetter rides now that it starts to get colder end moistier. But i think that dont want to change tires again in the spring. So i thought of an allrounder, fast and still grip.
    I currently have Racing Ralph 2.1 (came with the bike) and is of the performance compound (not specially good)

    I am thinking of choosing 2.25 width of either Racing Ralph Evo, Rocket Ron, X-King and Onza Canis

    I really like the Tan sidewall on The Onza Canis tan color, and they seme nice allround tire.
    I am not sure if they will look good or not on my bike? maybe it will look strange?what do you think?
    or should i stick with one of the others?

    My bike:
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    Onza Canis:

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