Cartridge Bearings for Mavic CrossRide Disc-
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    Cartridge Bearings for Mavic CrossRide Disc

    I'm noticing lateral play in my front hub. The hub is an old 26" Mavic CrossRide Disc front wheel hub. Adjusting the "cones" did not seem to relieve it (there are 13mm end caps that screw on and press against the bearings and a 17mm locknut).

    The bearing size 12x28x8mm (6001) is pretty common. I saw somewhere a set of 2 OEM Mavic from overseas vendor for $20USD. I also went on amazon and saw these...

    A box of 10 for $15CAD.

    I don't know much about bearings but I can get the amazon ones quicker for way less and have 8 left over (hell, maybe do the rear too while I'm at it).

    Does anybody know enough about bearing quality to say whether using these PGN bearings is bad or brilliant? Chrome Steel made in USA sounds good but what do I know...


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    I've had terrible luck with cheap bearings. Not just bad, but terrible. Often failing literally immediately. I'd press them in and... thats actually it, they'd have play or be crunchy right then and there. Not usable on a bike right out of the box.

    Enduro bearings are about the bottom of the barrel in terms of usable. I've gotten between 6 months and a few years out of enduros. They're not very good bearings, but they can be installed and put into service on a bicycle. They cost about 10 bucks a piece.

    A good quality SFK bearing is about 20 bucks from a known good vendor. I would buy those and wait. You'll be doing the job twice if you buy those amazon bearings.

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