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Thread: Broken Spoke

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    Broken Spoke

    My husband has a Norco Fluid FS 7.2+ that is less than a year old. Yesterday, while pedalling uphill, a spoke just snapped. It's on the brake side of the rear wheel. The spoke itself snapped at the top of the nipple, the nipple appears to be fine. I wouldn't say we do a lot of riding that would be super hard on the wheels and he has never had any crashes with the bike. The wheel appears to be straight. Does anyone know if this is something that might be covered under warranty?

    What causes spokes to snap on a wheel that seems to be in good shape and is not very old?

    How bad is it to continue to ride on a wheel that is missing a spoke? We are on a biking holiday right now and it would suck to lose a day to repairs.

    How do you know if you are at the point that it is better to just replace the whole wheel rather than to replace spokes? I ask because I snapped a spoke, paid $90 to have it replaced and snapped 2 more spokes 2 days later. Ended up replacing the whole wheel even though the original wheel still looks fine.


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    With a spoke missing, the wheel should be significantly out of true. If the tire is not rubbing on anything, you can ride it, but it is putting additional stress on neighboring spokes which can lead to their premature failure.

    Breaking a spoke happens but continuing to break spokes when nothing traumatic has happened to the wheel is often due to the overall spoke tension be low. The LBS here would try to make it right if the bike was bought from them and it's less than a year old. Submitting a warranty claim is some work on their part and even if there is some warranty coverage, it generally does not reimburse the shop for any of their labor.

    $90 to replace a spoke sounds a little steep. $40 labor + the price of the spoke would be more common. Unless, of course, you're tubeless and they have to retape the wheel, put in new sealant, etc... Run of the mill spokes might be $3 but specialty spokes can be significantly more.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    My wheel was not tubeless. The LBS (out of town, so not our usual LBS) quoted me $40 plus parts to fix it. I sent DH to pick up the bike and he didn't question the $90 charge. .

    I'll see what the local Norco dealer says here, but sounds like we may be ok to wait until we get to our local shop.

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    There is no such thing as a $50 spoke , don't let em fool ya

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    Unfortunately it's not something that's normally covered by any manufacture warranty as far as I know. Some shops will cover it but it's sort of out of the goodness of their own hearts.

    Also unfortunate that when one spoke breaks others often follow even after the broken one is repaired. Spokes breaking at the top of the nipple can mean the spokes are a little too short so you might want to check that.

    I wouldn't ride a wheel with a broken spoke any longer than necessary (back to the trailhead) Aside from it being out of true it stresses the rest of the wheel and leaves it vulnerable to further damage.
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