Boost 27.5 Plus wheelset recommendations-
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    Boost 27.5 Plus wheelset recommendations

    I got a good deal on a Santa Cruz Hightower frame and mixed XX1/X01 drive train and now and looking for a wheel set. I have explored chinese carbon already and would rather have similar weight alloy wheels. I am unlikely to go for name brand carbon because I don't need the weight savings and actually think between the way I hack around and my weight that they wouldnt be a good investment for me.
    So I am left with alloy rims, but man there are so few options built up. I am looking for 35-50 internal, must be boost front and rear and XD driver.

    I see very few wheelsets built to these specs, the American Classic Smokin gun 40 (around $899) is about all that I can reliably find. Great wheelset, very light, I'd love to find it for $750ish but just not seeing any discounting.

    So that gets me thinking I am going to need to build... For rims, I see
    (1) DT Swiss XM1501 spline one 40
    (2) I45 scraper
    (3) I35 scraper
    (4) Easton Arc 40
    (5) Easton Arc 45

    These all kind of look similar in weight and price, and I'm inclined to think I could get a local wheel builder to put a pretty good wheel together with a mid range boost hub for less than the cost of the American Classics.

    I was initially hoping to hit $600 for a set (totally doable in nonboost and normal width) and have something decent (particularly a good rear hub since I have destroyed those with climbing in the past). But given the scarcity of boost hubsets, I am struggling to get anywhere near my desired price point.

    Any suggestions or other ideas beyond what I have here?

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