BOOST 141 REAR HUBS (141mm x 9mm QR BOOST)-
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    BOOST 141 REAR HUBS (141mm x 9mm QR BOOST)

    There's a new rear hub standard skulking in the spec sheets of some manufacturer's bikes... Tends to be fitted at the cheaper end of the scale with bikes like the 2019 Trek Roscoe, 2018 Voodoo Zobop, 2018 Norco Fluid 2 HT etc. all sharing this standard.

    Needless to say, I now own one of those and would like to upgrade my rear wheel.

    Anyone know the options out there??

    (For the uninitiated - this usually involves buying a standard 148mm x 12mm thru axle wheel or hub with removable end caps and replacing the thru axle end caps with QR end caps to make the wheel fit into the dropouts).

    1) The DT Swiss UK distributor have confirmed that their QR end caps (HBDT1528S) will work with Boost 148mm XR, XM, EX, X, M, E and FX 1950 wheels and when fitted will convert the hub to 141mm QR Boost standard.

    2) HOPE also sell end caps for their Pro 4 Boost 148mm rear hub which will convert it for use in 141mm QR Boost frames.

    Any more to add to the list?

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    My wife's Spec Ruze has this hub. I asked these same questions about a year ago in this thread I started

    I found that (as you noted) DT, Hope, Stan's and King(?) have hub adapters.
    If you just want quality, and no bling, the SRAM 900 rear hub is a good economical choice.
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    Industry Nine has had them

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    Let's say you wanted to run a Hope hub. All you would need to do is get a boost hub, pop out the end caps and replace them with QR end caps.

    I keep telling Bike Hub Store they need to make axles for this combination.
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    Bontrager has adapters for their wheels. (I know they don't sell hubs)

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    Oddly enough, Roval boost hubs will work with the 135 QR end caps. The math works. The difference between 148 and 135 is right there. Found this out the hard way.

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    The twinpair style Crank Brothers wheels work with this axle. It's the same thing, get a boost wheel and put in the QR endcaps. They're a little hard to find now, they are discontinued, and some people HATE them; however I've had good experiences with the two sets I've owned, and they're not super expensive.

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    This isnt the sort of thing where you can drill out the frame or anything? 9mm boost seems incredibly dumb, but I'm looking for a cheap hardtail, and its got this standard.

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    Mavic xa 2019 onwards work as long as it's the id360 hub. Boost 148 with qr converters . Make sure it's right ones as I got the ones mavic told me and they were wrong. You need the 9x135 ones one silver goes inside the thru axle and one black one drive side goes over the axle

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