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Thread: bent rim?

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    bent rim?

    hit a curb pretty square one day and got a flat...inflated it back up and heard the hiss between by the rim...filled with stan's and was all good for a few my tire gets flat again after a day of sitting there

    do u think the rim is bent? should i refill with stan's and see how it holds up?

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    Could have a flat spot or ding in the rim now. If it's a bad enough ding, the tire can have problem sealing and you'd easily see the rim damage. Many dings can be repaired/straightened.
    A hit that flats a tubeless tire can damage the casing/bead at the point of impact. So, inspect the the tire for damage. You'll usually see a big spot that continues to leak sealant.
    If the rim and tire look good, adding sealant could be the fix.
    If you don't see damage and adding sealant doesn't fix things, then take the tire off the rim + inspect for damage + check rim tape + check valve, etc.

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    it is the bead. I found the spot with some water and the rim feels fine. I rotated the tire around the rim and the leak followed. added Stan's and has held up so far...will it be problematic whenever the Stan's dries up

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