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    Is this able to be fixed?

    Hi, I am Mr. Lee.
    I have a bicycle with rear wheel mavic.
    When I was doing downhill, chain was stuck in drive sidespoke and smoe spoke was torn out.
    It looks like one spoke hole of hub was broken.
    I wonder if this can be fixed. If they can fix, how do they fix this?
    I uploaded its photo so that you can have better idea what happened.
    Thank you.

    Is this able to be fixed?-1-crop-vert.jpgIs this able to be fixed?-3-crop-vert.jpgIs this able to be fixed?-5-crop-vert.jpgIs this able to be fixed?-7-crop-vert.jpg

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    Looks to me that because that's a straight-pull spoke arrangement, replacing the spoke would probably be the answer. It does not appear there has been excessive damage to the hub that would allow the spoke to pull through. Other than maybe peening that burr back into place (if it could stand the movement), I'd fit a new a spoke, tension/true the wheel, and go ride. If the attachment point fails, the hub is done but I wouldn't worry about crossing that bridge till I got to it.

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    It was really helpful. Hopefully it would be able to fixed. : )
    Thank you.

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    We leave feedback on what happened before the spoke was pulled from the hub.
    It has been repaired, but it can be missed if you drive rough.
    I did not have any problems when I ran soft after a repair, but when I ran wild, I got a problem that the spoke was pulled from the same position of the hub.

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    Get rid of that hub. If you like the rim, lace a new hub with J bend spokes into it.
    I like turtles

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    I would fire up the TIG welder and add some material, then carefully file it to shape.

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