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    29er Tire Choice for Leaves/Fall in the Southeast

    Been sifting through the posts here looking for some tires for the fall. Not really in an area that gets a lot of snow so mud isn't so much an issue and I try not to ride when it's wet. Where I ride is rooty, some hard pack and loose over hard and a lot of pine needles and soon to be leaves.

    Currently running 2.1 Nanoraptors front and rear. Thinking of keep one of those on a rear and so far I'm bouncing around between a Racing Ralph 2.4, Nobby Nic 2.35, even gave the Weirwolfs a quick glance.

    On my fs 26 I run a fire XC pro and it really grips in the corners, but I always felt is was a slow slow roller.

    Anyone have any suggestions on these or anything else? Guess I should say I'll be running them tubeless on some Stan's Crests.

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    I'm in central NC - our trail conditions sound pretty similar to yours.

    I would immediately nix the Racing Ralph off that list - atleast as a front tire. I'd highly recommend the Panaracer Rampage(my go-to 29er front tire) for the conditions you describe. Might want to look into a Maxxis Ardent, Conti X-king, and WTB Bronson as well.

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    Agreed, you'll need to go with something with a taller knob than the Nanos or an RR. One of my favorite fall (leaf cover) tires is the Fire XC Pro. Yes they're slower, but they'll dig through leaf cover and find traction as well. The Nobby Nic would work well, and I'd go front and rear with it. The Nics are a bit faster than the Fires and they do about the same job on leaves. The problem that you're going to have is, any tire that is significantly better and digging through the leaves and finding traction, is likely going to be slower rolling. It's a compromise thing that I've gotten used to over the years. Other tires that I've found that work well in leaf cover are the WTB Bronson, Panaracer Rampage (as ncfisherman noted), Maxxis Ignitor, and the IRC Fire XC 29er (if you can find them).

    Anyway, the key is taller relatively small knobs (big blocky knobs don't work as well), and the willingness to compromise rolling resistance a little. Either that or put up with slipping and sliding on the leaf cover.

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    I always throw Ignitors on, front and rear.
    Tire Design & Development Engineer. The opinions expressed in this forum are solely my own.

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    Appreciate the advice, those rampages aren't looking to shabby at all, especially since you can get two of those for the price of one nobby nic.

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    RR 2.4. Got mine installed last week. Like riding on rails.

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