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    29er front, 27.5 back... your thoughts?

    What are your comments on this?


    I am more interested in an AM/Trail/XC perspective.

    This video only showcases DH

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    Yeti owners comment about the "mixer" subject..

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    Yawn, stupid fad, just like every other mixed wheel size bike throughout history.
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    Stop asking how much it weighs and just go ride it.

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    Maybe a slight advantage downhill if you're too short for a 29er.

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    I had a Ventana 29/26er for a few years. It was a great bike and I had a ton of fun on it, but in the end got tired of the small wheel hanging up on things the front did not. Jumping and cornering though was a blast. It is one bike I do miss though.

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    The video is confounding geometry and wheel testing... yet they found no difference. There you go.

    If you're tall and the front end handles right... why mess with 650b?

    It's short people who should care. How much should you compromise on your stack height to get that 29" wheel up there. How much buttcrack cleaning is acceptable before you should run a 650b. Maybe running riser bars upsidedown is a solution? I don't know, i'm tall.

    Ultimately, i think this is a question riders will ultimately have to answer for themselves. The fact that production frames are being designed around mixed wheel sizes is going to force us to confuse marketing, trails, and rider size, and that's a bummer. But it's also cool that we're reaching that sort of sophistication.

    There's never been a better time to be a tall cyclist.
    "Things that are complex are not useful, Things that are useful are simple."
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    The test and video is not telling much other then that rear wheel size and weight hardly makes a difference (when going downhill).

    I suspect that the shorter chainstays and as a result shorter wheelbase associated with the 650b wheels contributes more to the agility then the actual wheel-size on its own. The effect of the geometry that is possible because of the smaller wheels should have been part of this test.

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