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    29er, best tire tread wrap on a 30mm ID rim

    Sorry, I've done my best to research this here but with the 29, 29+, A & B and 'whatever else' terminology I'm lost.
    I recently went from the stock 19mm ID rims to 30mm ID rims and using the Innova Vidar 29 X 3 on the front (and love it).
    On the rear I'm using a Continental Mountain King (29 X 2.4) which the 30mm rim seems to have changed the tire profile enough to where the tire tread no longer wraps around enough to keep the tire from loosing grip when the bike is really laid over in a turn. I tried an Innova Vidar on the rear (and really liked it) but it just did not have enough clearance. I'm thinking to try a Maxxis DHF 29 X 2.5 on the rear. I like the wider tires and not concerned about the weight. I'm more concerned to keep the rear tire from loosing grip. Would the Maxxis DHF have more tire tread wrap than the Conti? Is their anything else that would have more tire tread wrap and work well for this application?
    Any input is appreciated, Thanks...
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    Good job!

    FYI: No reply's, but had a good recommendation from a very reliable source (MC) so today I bought & mounted up a Maxxis Minnion DHF 29 X 2.5 to see for myself. It was nice to mount a tire again with bare hands. The tread profile is noticeably rounder than the Continental Mtn. King 29 X 2.4 was with the same PSI and wraps further down so looking forward to trying it out.

    Some actual measurements on a 30mm ID rim for reference:
    Circumference, Conti = 92 7/8", Maxxis DHF = 92 1/2"
    Width @ Sidewall, Conti = 2.374", Maxxis DHF = 2.35"
    Width @ Tread, Conti = 2.307", Maxxis DHF = 2.53"

    Taking into consideration the Maxxis is new and the Conti used, I'm actually hoping for a little growth / stretch in the Maxxis.......
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