I have non folding version of this tire and I'm curious if others have experiences of folding vs non folding variants.

So fat I'm not impressed, worn out 26" WXC 300 (non folding) that is missing more than 30% of studs, is performing better than WXC'R 312 as a front tire.

Problem with WXC'R 312 is that it washes out, a lot, lateral traction is very on/off and even tiniest camber or rut seem to cause loss of lateral traction.

Side knobs don't really do much of anything, even at minimum pressure they don't touch hard surfaces, center knobs are protruding so much more that side knobs are getting good contact only after sliding starts, which is too late.

Having run studded tyres of several brands since 1990's these seem quite unpredictable and disappointment.

Center knobs look like they would be better turned 90 degrees around, they are set up for drive traction I guess, but this means narrow side of knob is what is facing side of tire, so there is that too.

Big issue is though that with barely 2bar pressure (2bar is minimum) and 50kg weight on tire, can't get side knobs to touch ground, so only center knobs provide traction at low pressures.

Lowering pressure to point where I see side knob studs making marks on cardboard when front tire has 50kg of weight, tire is already too soft and studs don't pierce hard ice, tire bends under too much when cornering.

Without side knobs providing grip, tire has no chance of climbing out of ruts, instead tire slides sideways, you loose balance and that gets annoying pretty fast.

Not sure if folding version of tire is any better?

Not interested in Schwalbe as they shed studs like no tomorrow and they are not too great on deep snow.

WXC'R 312 does work on snow though, but if under snow there is tiniest of camber or rut it slides again, same places that 5 years old WXC 300 in 26" goes without drama.

So might get new 26" WXC300 in folding variant if WXC'R 312 folding variant is not hugely better than non folding variant of 312.

27.5" bike with 26" front tire would of course cause laughter, but it looks like there are not much options in proper winter tire market.