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    Is 24 mm IW too narrow for general trail use these days?

    Currently on a V2 Santa Cruz 5010. I知 interested in trying to lighten it up a bit. It seems the best bang for my buck would be a new Wheelset. I have the Easton ar 24 rims and Sram mth746 hubs that came with the bike. I知 running a dhf 2.3 front and cross mark 2 2.25 rear or a dhf 2.3 rear depending on conditions.

    I ride general trails in the northeast so there are a lot of roots and rocks. Some small drops maybe 3 ft at most.

    I知 noticing some good deals on older model wheels that are a bit narrow by today痴 trail bike standards. Is it reasonable to take advantage of this type of deal? I figure I値l have the hubs if I move on to wider rims in the future. Will I regret buying an 登utdated Wheelset even if it痴 a high end one?

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    I recently built up some DT rims I had laying around (22.5mm) to have as a lightweight option for my Intense Spider. Running a Nobby Nic 2.35 and an Onza Ibex 2.25 on the rear and it does just fine for light duty days. I have about $350 invested in hubs, spokes and labor. Don't know if I'd spend much over that for a narrow rim. Plus I do have a nicer set of wheels I use most of the time. The narrow rims seem fine for anything under 2.35 though.

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    24mm is perfectly fine for ~2.3 tires. in fact, probably better than running that size tire on the 30+mm rims that are so popular these days.

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    I've run 2.35s on 25mm IW rims for nearly 5 years and not dead yet. Just can't run the stupid low pressures some people are fond of. (no way I would anyway as I would be replacing rims every few months)

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    I have a wheelset with 26mm and another with 30mm, 90% of the time I ride with the 26mm rims.
    The front tire is a Magic Mary 2.35" and the rear tire is an Ardent 2.4". The Ardent is more like 2.3".

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    It wasn't that long that 24mm was considered wide, so the only issue would be tire choice (beyond an XC tire) which have gone towards being compatible with wider rims. The AR rims are good as an oem option but the ARC rims will be better and with a respectable 'light' weight.

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    I went from 23mm to 27mm, and honestly its not that different. It takes some pushing and certain circumstances to even notice a difference.

    Nothing wrong with 24mm rims. They're perfect for 2.1-2.4 tires. Plus is pushing it, but normal tires are totally fine.

    I just built new wheels and went with ARC's front and rear, 24mm R 27mm F. Its perfect for me!

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    Should be fine. More than fine, really. I'm still running 21mm internal rims with 2.4 front and 2.25 rear rubber. I haven't died yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnniewalker View Post
    Will I regret buying an 登utdated Wheelset even if it痴 a high end one?

    24mm is not outdated for the size of tires you're running.

    I think the pendulum has swung pretty far WRT rim width -- I regularly get customers coming to me wanting 40mm internal width rims for their 2.6" tires.

    Although you can certainly run that combo, I think it's a bit much for most people/uses. The pendulum should soon start swinging back.

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    Do you think it痴 reasonable to drop some coin on the now discontinued I9 trail wheels?

    I知 just thinking those hubs can稚 really be used with other rims in the future.

    Would it be better to buy the I9 steel spoke trail or enduro wheels because the straight pull hubs would be more versatile in the future?

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    No, but you may need to be more careful with tire selection. The profile on the 2.3 DHF was very bad on some wider rims I used recently, so much so that I couldn't roll it on edge. More rounded tires up front seem better and the minion really comes alive at 2.5 IME.

    I put some Maxxis Icon 2.35s on 25i rims recently and that's my go-to trail setup on that bike. They balloon out very nice and are super fun. I also run a race-setup on the same bike with 2.2 racing ralphs, these are way skinnier and not nearly as much fun. Big difference between tires. That's where it's at, don't focus so much on the rim, focus on the tires and what works good. You don't need stupid-wide rims.
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    As Jayem said it depends these days on the tire volume and profile. If your terrain requires heavy sidewalls to avoid cuts you can get good performance out of less width and higher pressure.
    If you have hardpack with loose and rounded rocks/roots mostly you can pick a light sidewall 120tpi, higher volume more rounded profile tire and go for the maximum footprint at lower pressure. Getting the most traction out of that kind of tire means matching it to a wider rim.

    So there's lots of tuning options and no rule just by tire width.

    The XR Team Bontrager tires are high volume 120tpi with very rounded profiles. XR1 2.2 matches well with a 30mm. No squaring. XR2 2.35 a 35mm. XR2 2.6 40-45mm probably when I get one.
    You can safely run them on less width no problem. You don't get all the performance.

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