I'm to pumped to keep this to myself and I'm looking for some serious help in some decision making. The wife just gave me one of her gifts which is a 4 day stay at Whistler next summer. We are looking to spend my 30th birthday there as well which is the last part of May. It has always been a dream to go there and the only thing I know about it is from videos and mags. I would assume that some trails would still be closed due to lasting snow but have any of you been up there before June 1st? I checked this years opening and it was May 20th. Regarding bikes, I just built up a Intense T29 with a 34 up front that I thought that about bringing. I'm torn between ridding more of the AM trails there and renting a big rig and going bigger. I would love to do both if possible, just don't know how realistic that is?? I have enjoyed seeing the famous lines and trails that are there but I would also love ridding those less common trails off to the side that are comprised of epic singletrack with a few features mixed in. So I'm totally looking for any ideas and suggestions. Wife thinks I'm a tad crazy in my trip planning so soon but I'm amped haha. Thanks for the help and have a good one.