• 05-18-2006
    Wife, Whistler & Whale watching
    My wife and I are coming to visit the left coast from Onterrible in mid-July. We're visiting friends in Maple Ridge. Then off to Whistler for 2 days, then hit up the Shore for 2 days.

    Part of the deal is that we would go whale watching. Does anyone have any recommendations on what charter to use? I googled it and there are tons of whale watching outfits. I would prefer to charter from the mainland, if it's possible. I'd appreciate any experiences or stories of whale watching if you have.
  • 05-18-2006
    You need to be on the Island to really see them. No places I can recommend, but there just aren't that many around the lower mainland.

    You could try going from Horeshoe Bay to Sechelt on the way up to Whistler.
  • 05-21-2006
    if you wanna go whale watching then u go to Victoria and get a charter out of the harbour there.
    Then drive up to Nanaimo and catch the ferry back and head on up to the best playground...Whistler!!!
  • 05-24-2006
    this is the best you'll do
    on the mainland: no whales, but great views. Jim

  • 05-24-2006
    Did the whale watching thing a few summers ago. Had a blast. We went with an outfit out of Victoria. From what the guides said, its sometimes hit and miss. Lucky for us, on our trip, all three (?) pods swam by us. They said about 80 whales swam by us, we saw maybe ~30 surface from quite a distance, and maybe 10-15 surface from within 20 ft of the boat. If you expect all the whales to to tricks and jump out of the water, you'll be dissapointed. I heard that rarely happens so for the most part you'll just see the dorsal fin surface.

    Out of the 3 hour trip, you spend 2hrs in transit (beautiful views if you go on a nice afternoon) just getting to and from the whales. Therefore, I recommend you take the 12 person inflatables (much more exciting ride) instead of the bigger boats. The inflatables also give you a better view since you are only one to two feet from the water as the whales swim by.
  • 05-25-2006
    Hey......while you are in Maple Ridge you should go check out the wood lot.........lots of good riding there as well............:thumbsup: