• 06-14-2006
    What rental car for BC trip?
    We're going to hire a car in Vancouver for a BC trip. We need to get 2 people and 2 bikes (Reign and Trance) into the car. The bikes will be bagged up in PlanetX bike bags.

    The main problem seems to be that all the US/Canadian models are sedan/saloons where the rear seats don't fold forward. I find this hard to believe, but all phonecalls and emails I've made seem to confirm this, although I'm not sure how much the person on the other end actually knows.

    In Europe almost all cars would be a 'hatchback' and the rear seats would fold forwards allowing 2 bikes in no problem, even in a Toyota Yaris (perhaps a slight exageration!)

    It looks like we'll be forced to hire a gas-guzzling SUV, but I'd rather have something smaller. I don't want to start with the hassle of a rack, I'd rather the bikes were inside the car.

    Does anyone know anything about which Canadian hire cars would be suitable?
    For example, would 2 people and 2 bikes fit in a Chevrolet Cobalt?

    Any input/experience will be gratefully recieved.

  • 06-14-2006
    which rental company are you dealing with. Different companies have different brands of cars. But I find it dificult to believe someone at the rental company can't give you proper info.
  • 06-14-2006
    I phoned Avis and emailed wheelsabroad. Both said all their cars were sedans without folding rear seats.
  • 06-14-2006
    Mini Van
    Not what you want but readily available with more than enough room to swallow you and your bikes. Something like a Pontiac Vibe would be ideal but I had no luck at the car rental websites. I drive a Toyota Matrix which is a twin of the Vibe and love it for cycling. I think that the small cars are sedans without folding seats to force you into a more expensive rental. I would avoid an SUV because of the milage and A$$hole factor.
  • 06-14-2006
    I was in the same boat last year while in the U.S. i managed to get a chevy cavalier which had folding rear seats, but a permanaent parcel shelf. we managed to get 2 whole bikes and 1 frame in there plus all our camping gear for 3 weeks.It was a bit of a pain packing and unpacking but it can be done. You could always take/buy a bike rack and use that, just take extra padding for the mounts if you use a strap on type, and don't attach it until after you've left the car rental place.Then again ask the rental place if they have bike racks for rent!.
  • 06-14-2006
    Dodge grand caravan with stow n go seating.http://www.dodge.com/caravan/seating_storage.html All the rear seats will fold down. gives you tons of room for bikes and gear.

    your gas bill will still be half of what it is in Europe
  • 06-15-2006
    Aye OLAK, but the environmental damage will be the same.