• 08-01-2013
    What to do *around* Whistler (non-riding)?
    I'm going head to Whistler Bike Park soon for a week of downhill.

    What is there to do or see outside of Whistler Village after riding? This'll be my first time there in the summer, but I've been many times in the winter, and find that the village/resort feels a little artificial to spend all my time in, so it'd be nice to get out in the evenings.
  • 08-01-2013
    What sort of things? Other recreational activities? Arts and culture? Live music? Movies?

    It is a bit of an island, and you would generally have to make the trip to Vancouver to get something different than the local Whistler night life offers. Squamish and Pemberton are known for the daytime recreation and not so much for their bustling night life. Unless you're in Squamish in early August during the Squamish Valley Music Festival
  • 08-01-2013
    Thanks for that. Might look into the music festival.
  • 08-01-2013
    There is a blackcomb village and another village with lots of activities like luge on wheels and a market.
  • 08-05-2013
    homeless junkie
    You probably won't wanna do shit if you ride the park all day. Buy the female you're going with flowers before you head to Whistler. She's going to be cooking all the dinners while you're passed out on the couch. Try to rest in the middle of the week to avoid injury. I know you might not want to do that being in Whistler only a week but maybe take a half day the fourth or fifth day. Tell that female you did it to spend time with her.. That you appreciate all the help she's given. On the other hand if you're going with a bunch of guys.. Be ready for no sleep, Make sure you understand the RCMP will arrest you and most important of all.. Night life is crazy. Good luck!

    Anyway here's some ideas, Paddle a canoe, kayak or paddleboard down the river of Golden Dreams, Alta lake or Green Lake Check out some old pictures of Whistler at the library on Main St, take a tour of the Lil'Wat Cultural Centre, Hang out on the porch of the GLC. You can watch riders hit the GLC drops and the Boneyard. Check out Lost lake. The club scene never disappoints if you enjoy going out.

    This reminds me of my favorite post ride or snowboard thing to do.. Eat and drink at Citta's while watching the bustling Cannabis trade in the town square. That used to be one of the things I used to love showing friends who had never been to Whistler! What happened?? Olympics maybe?