Visiting Victoria Where to Ride/Rent-
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    Visiting Victoria Where to Ride/Rent

    Im heading over to Victoria this weekend, can anyone recommend a good place to rent some bike and ride? im just looking for beginner trails and out to have a casual riding afternoon. Me and the GF are going and im trying to get her (and myself) into the sport alot more and I dont want to get her over whelmed and out of her comfort zone just yet.

    Also note, i dont mind heading out of the city a ways (which i think is a must) if need be either.


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    I would start with the Galloping Goose Trail. Nice scenic rail grade. Beginner GF friendly. Choose a section near Sooke out of town for the most scenic ride. Info here:

    Galloping Goose trail Vancouver Island and

    The Galloping Goose Regional Trail

    Bikes can be rented here:

    | Coastal Cycles

    or maybe here:

    Sooke Mountain Cycle | Bike sales and service

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    My wife likes Partridge hill, the first climb is steep (we usually push 50% of it), but the rest is not bad at all.

    Not sure about renting over there though.

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    Can't help with rental recommendations (I don't know of any place that rents legit mtn bikes).

    The goose (galloping goose) and lochside trail are commuter trails (gravel and pretty much flat). Nice scenery but dull as can be from a riding perspective. The nice thing is they are long and safe (as compared to riding on the roads).

    Here are a couple links that list actual trails:
    South Island Mountain Biking |
    Freak Maps - Free Maps

    I'll second Partridge hill. Nice thing is it's right by a lake (so depending on weather you could go for a post ride swim as well).

    I've been told Royal Roads University trails (free map on freakmaps) is good entry level (still haven't gotten out there). It's definitely a nice campus (beautiful gardens if you are into that kind of stuff.. definitely a tourist destination. Lot's of wedding parties travel there for pictures).

    Of course there is the Hartland Landfill/dump (trails aren't in/on the dump, but that's where you go to park). There is also access to the trails from over where Partridge hills is (off Willis point road). The trail forks maps for hartland show the difficulty. Mainly blue runs and up.

    There are some trails near Thetis Lake that are pretty easy going. They can be accessed from the Galloping goose (e.g. ride from downtown on 'the goose' then exit to the Thetis lake parking lot). Many of the trails are hiking only. Just check the map.

    Thetis lake is a good place to swim as well, but the main beach tends to be super busy in the summer on warm days. Nice thing is you can just go find somewhere else on the lake to hang out and swim from (though there won't be a life guard on duty). If you are into cliff jumping there are a few spots there to do that.

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    Looks like CycleBc has some real bikes (didn't think they did, at least back in the day):
    Norco Fluid, Norco Jubei 29er and Norco Storm.

    Sportsrent has some as well, but list a mtn-fs with no brand or model.

    Bicycle Rentals - hybrids, mountain, tandems, road bikes

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    The Galloping Goose trail is great for absolute beginners. It runs right from downtown (where you can rent bikes) all the way out to Sooke (in the west). You can ask any of the bike shops to direct you to the trail, it's fairly easy to get to. If you or your GF aren't comfortable with riding on roads, you can walk your bikes to the trail from the shop. The views along the trail are really nice and vary from the city, to farms and seaside. You can also take the alternative route up North via the Lochside trail.

    If you're feeling adventurous I would also recommend the Hartland (aka the dump) for MTB. It's a looped system of mountain biking trails from beginner (green) to advanced (double black diamond). There are fire access roads to get you to some higher elevation, where most of the green and blue trails start/end. You will need transport to get there, and if you're keen you could take the number 6 bus to Royal Roads and bike 30 minutes to the Hartland. You will need to ride/walk uphill for about 15 mins to get to the parking lot (base of the trail system). Alternatively, you can link up with someone on who might be able to give you a ride.

    Enjoy your rides in Victoria.

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