• 02-08-2015
    Visiting Vancouver Island in June
    The wife, beginner mtn Biker, and I, intermediate mtn biker, are going to be going to Vancouver Island in June for 4 days. We have not determined what part of the island we want to stay and are very open to suggestions. We will not be bringing our bikes so will need a place to rent a couple of bikes and would like do some trail riding, duh why else would i be posting here. A bike tour suitable to her level is an option also. I may break away for a solo ride/tour also.
  • 02-08-2015
    Trails & Maps | Comox Valley MTB

    I live in Cumberland. Lots of great riding on the Island but we have several things that other places don't.

    Shop in town rents bikes.
    You can hit a great trail network from town.
    We do have some beginner level riding.
    Cool little village with good coffee, restraunts, pubs, and now a brewery.

    Other places will involve mire driving, and won't have better trails.

    Characters 11: The United Riders of Cumberland - Pinkbike

    See my Cumberland thread below.
  • 02-08-2015
    4 days is a pretty brief stay for a big island. What kind of trails do you usually ride? If the entire focus of the trip isn't mountain biking (seriously, why would you do that?), then you could stay in Victoria and you could ride the Hartland trails without committing all day everyday to riding. There's a wide variety of intermediate trails. And Victoria has a nice vibe for being an urban tourist.

    Hartland Mountain Bike Trails | Trailforks

    Bicycle Rentals - hybrids, mountain, tandems, road bikes
    Bike Rentals Victoria BC - CycleTreks
    Oak Bay Bicycles | The Island's Bike Shop Since 1934

    If the point of the trip was mountain biking, then going up-island to the Comox Valley or Cumberland would give you a better intermediate trail selection and more authentic BC forest experience.

    Comox Valley Mountain Bike Trails | Trailforks

    Cumberland Mountain Bike Trails | Trailforks

    This would be a pretty typical intermediate Cumberland trail

    Cruising Cumberland with Garett Buehler - iceman2058 - Mountain Biking Videos - Vital MTB

    If you're after more of the Island experience with the big waves hitting the beach, that would be the west side of the island; Port Renfrew or Uclulet and Tofino, there's not much riding on the west side, but classic hiking trails.
  • 02-08-2015
    Agree with the above and would throw Courtney Puntledge River trails and Campbell River Snowden Forest in the mix. Great beginner trails there.
  • 02-09-2015
    Trail Ninja
    Agree with Snowden. LOTS of beginner/intermediate trails.
    There's a bike tour company that works around Cumberland.
    Travis, what's the name of the bike tour company up there?
  • 02-10-2015
    Is it Riding Fool Hostel and Dodge City Cycles? Or this: Vancouver Island Mountain Bike Tours ?
  • 02-10-2015
    Great riding with Island rides. Cheapskate option is to hook up with a local. Try hanging at the trail head with while pretending to study the map.
  • 02-22-2015
    Cumberland is great. Highly recommended. :thumbsup:

    If you are in the Victoria area you can ride Victoria/Sooke/Duncan easily. Drop me a PM and if I am in town during your dates I can show you around. However, there is limited easy riding on the South Island. I would say intermediate skills are needed to enjoy it.