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    Tourist Info - The perfect roadtrip

    Hi everybody,

    We are two couples from Germany and Switzerland and we are planning our biking-vacation in B.C. in August/September. We'll be staying for 2.5 weeks and plan a round trip. Our route currently looks like this:
    Vancouver Whistler area - Chilcotin Mountains (Heli-biking?) Kamloops - Revelstoke Nelson Vancouver
    Recommendations and additions along the route are welcome! Clock-wise or counter clock-wise?

    Well bring our own bikes and like intermediate (to difficult) natural trails with long descends. If available we use shuttles but we pedal up (~3000 ft. max) as well if its worth the effort... Some fun laps in the bikepark are ok, but park and big jumps are not our priority! In short, we are looking for the epic-, once-in-a-lifetime stuff!

    Now it's your turn!
    -Must-dos along the route?
    -Best places to stay along the route?
    -Food? Burger and Beer?
    -Shuttle service and bike shops?
    and most important
    -Which are the epic trails, the must-rides?

    Thank's for all suggestions and ideas!

    Cheers from Switzerland

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    I'd do clockwise. There is plenty of riding between N.Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and S. Chicoltins to keep you amused for 2.5 weaks easily, but if you are interested in also seeing the province, then this route will certainly accomplish that.

    There is plenty of riding, and plenty of epic riding, here's a few suggestions.

    - N. Vancouver, I'd be tempted to skip it, or maybe hit it at the end. Riding in BC is tough, especially Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, but there is more variety in the last three places to give you an introduction. If you are feeling confident at the end, hit Mount Fromme. Ride up and down 7th Secret, Lepoard, Crink/Crank, Kirkford. And there is always an option for a second, or third lap.

    - Squamish, don't miss it. I personally think it's the best riding in the province, or anywhere I've been. Plenty of different routes to check out. Backcountry brewing has some outstanding beer.

    - Whistler. Lord of the Squirrels. Epic, amazing ride, however you'll climb more than 3000ft, more like 4500ft. If you are riding confidently on black trials in Squamish/Whistler, you might want to do a top of the world run. But come down Kyber/Middle of No Where/Kashmir/Kush (see trailforks). I'd personally skip the park if you aren't really into it. So much great riding beyond that.

    - Pemberton has a really nice long climb up (3000ft - Happy, Waco, Nimby, Middle Earth) then a nice long descent (Rudy's, Overnight Sensation and if you are feeling the technical rock riding, work over to Creampuff to finish the ride).

    - South Chilcoltins. Only second hand experience, but YES.

    - Kamloops, LMN will be along shortly to provide valuable information on this and the rest of the province.

    - If you find yourself overwhelmed by the riding in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, a fun epic ride that is very moderate is Beuwolf at Silverstar resort near Vernon.

    - Revelstoke. Keystone Standard Basin and Frisby Ridge are both outstanding rides that are moderate as well.

    - Nelson. I recommend morning mountain. Nice climbing trail and plenty of options to descend.

    In the Nelson area, you also have Rossland. Aug/Sept will be an ideal time to hit our epic ride, Seven Summits. You can message me if you happen to come through this area and I can provide more information.
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    Nothing personal but do some homework.
    Do a search..........
    There are lots of posts that have very similar questions about where to ride and locations.
    Like CatSydor there is a month of riding just in Vancouver-Squamish-Whistler-Pemberton-Chilcotin alone, plus travel.
    The biggest issue for most is to shorten your driving time and maximize your riding time.

    The areas you want to all hit in 2 1/2 weeks you will be losing at least 4 or 6 days due to driving and need a few days off also. Unless you don't plan to sleep, don't enjoy camping/ campfire (last year we had a really bad year due to forest fires ) then that will effect your plans and visibility will be crappy........ Just want to make sure you are prepared........

    Also, it depending on how many days of riding you want in 2.5 weeks??
    If it were me I would want to have at least 10 or 12 days of riding in. Otherwise it is a long way to come for a holiday for a just a week of riding......

    Just my 2 cents.......
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    That is a big trip.

    Two things to keep in mind, just about every small town in BC offers multiple days of amazing single track. BC is a big place, even if you only are in the southern portion drive distances are significant when compared to what you face in Europe.

    So.. don't try and hit too many places.

    1. Squamish is a must. Doesn't have a lot of big descents but it is a lot of high quality shorter descents. (There are some big ones, but not a lot when compared to others). I would base there for a couple of days and maybe hit Whistler as a day trip.

    2. Pemberton. Big, steep descents. An amazing climbs to get to them. Bring your climbing legs, and bring some pads.

    3. Chilicoton is in my opinion the best riding in BC. But it is remote, like middle of Siberia kind of remote. Something goes wrong there help is at least a day away. I wouldn't recommend riding there without a SPOT device. One day to drive to, one day to drive out from. I would save it for another trip.

    4. Kamloops (where I am from). Tons of high speed descents, lots of climbs to the top. I think it has the biggest variety of medium to long descents in BC.

    5. Revelstoke. Must go to. Book your Heli drop.

    6. Kootenies. Amazing riding, the trails are raw and old school. But big drive. If you are going there, go for a week.

    7. Alternative to the Kootenies is the Okangon. Hot, dry, fast, single track everywhere.

    8. Fraser Valley. Several great trail net-works with very passionate builders. All of them are good, but Vedder, and Bear mountain are my favorite.
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    I thought i took the time to put a sticky up so people would do basic research first?
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    Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides

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    If you want trails you can shuttle in Vancouver, go to Seymour.
    In Squamish, Alice Lake area has best trails in my opinion.

    Overall, look at trailforks, there is option to show what trails are being ridden the most - these are usually best to try

    And 2.5 weeks is not much for what you want to do. Consider distances here, it's much longer drives than in Europe. Highways are up to 120 kmh max, usually 90-100. Lots of driving in mountains.

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    Recently spent 8 days between Squamish-Whistler-Pemberton, which was barely enough to cover all the must-dos and scratch the surface. Even with another 4 days, I would have added time in only those three areas. I bet with 2.5 weeks you could do that valley and maybe add some time on the sunshine coast or a trip to the Chilicotons.

    Seems like every itinerary I draw up for Revelstoke/Kootenay's/etc. is 2 weeks on its own.

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