I had my Garage (in Saskatoon) broken into last week and one of the items stolen was my prized k2 tirade 6.0.
It's a pretty rare bike for Saskatchewan, let alone saskatoon (I would geuss it's the only one in Saskatoon), so it should be pretty easy to spot.
There are some stickers on the upper frame, fox racing, mace, cane, etc.
It has a Black Spire DS-1 Dual Slalom chain guide on it.
Also I broke the rear caliper mount and had to fab up a temporary one out of 1/8 inch sheet metal, it looks like a pretty ghetto fix, so that will stand out as well.

If you've never seen a tirade 6.0 before this is what it looks like:

I don't expect to every see it again, but if anyone happens to see it I would greatly appreciate if you send me a PM, with any details.

Thank you for your time.