I am a small shop owner in Texas and a fellow mountain biker. I try hook up hard core riders with great deals and keep my prices low by doing business over the internet.

Someone from Maple Ridge, BC ordered the fork and wheels on a fraudulent credit card. The parts were shipped to a club called the Ridge Riders in Maple Ridge BC. The parts were purchased back in August, but it takes that long and longer for credit card fraud to be discovered.

My bank called and charged back the entire transaction which was over $2000 dollars US.

I have the address and the name of the fellow that lives there in the house where the parts were delivered, however I am powerless to do anything from here. I have contacted all the authorities on both sides of the border, but no one wants to do anything because they think we are just a bunch of crazy mountain bikers and because the crime involved the Internet and international borders.

If anyone knows anything about this club or has seen my parts on a bike around there, please contact me at: rick@sagecycles.com

The components were shipped to an address on:

Laurie Avenue

Some investigation has turned up a fellow by the name of

H James

that lives at the address.

If anyone has seen someone with the Boxxer Worldcup and Spinergy Fall Line wheels, that didnt have these items prior to August, please contact me. I have the exact street address and the phone number.

Any help will be appreciated and rewarded.

ride on...