• 07-21-2015
    Tenacious E
    Seeking BC trail recommendations: Van. Island, Williams Lake, Kamloops, Kelowna
    My boyfriend and I are heading up for a two-ish week (7/31-8/17) exploration of BC, with the goal of sampling of some of the best trails and scenery in North America. We're looking for recommended trails, shops, post-ride eat/drink spots, plus any other information about awesome things to do in the area. We will be bringing our AM bikes (Norco Range 7.1 and custom Norco Sight). To give you an idea of the type of riders we are, some of our favorite rides here in WA include the HWY 410 trails (Palisades, Ranger, Suntop, etc), the Chuckanut Mountain area of Bellingham, Cutthroat Pass in the N. Cascades, Plains of Abraham, and of course, our home trails of Capitol Forest in Olympia. We both race enduro and like "enduro" style riding. We are not afraid of tech, but aren't really interested in huge machine-built jump lines. We are camping in our van, so we'll be pedaling, not shuttling.

    Our rough route is:
    Vancouver Island: North from Victoria to Port Hardy
    HWY 20 East from Bella Coola to Williams Lake
    South to Kamloops, Kelowna, and Summerland

    We know that there are some amazing trails in Cumberland, Williams Lake, and Kamloops, but it's difficult to wade through all the information on the internet about these areas, and we'd like some specifics and recommendations for riding areas. Any information, pictures, or links is appreciated. Thanks!!
  • 07-21-2015
    Wow, I've rode Capital Forrest quite a bit as my brother lives in Olympia, so I know what you ride. I would say you can ride all of Cumberland and most of Forbidden Plateau here. I have lived in Cumberland for 2 years and know the trails quite well now. More difficult than Green Line #6, but no mandatory drops, just some steeper parts. Lots of woodwork but wide enough so the Willies aren't a factor. Just stay away from the DH trails. Maps are available at Dodge City Cycles here in town or here Cumberland Trail Map | Freak Maps
    I think the online one will work with the GPS in your phone.

    The trails are accessed by a logging road that starts right at the edge of town, so you can park anywhere in town or at the Rec Centre parking lot and just ride. It's up to you how high to go and amazing single-track leads back to town. There are very few trail signs and can be a little confusing even with the paper map. There are a few awsome routes and here are a couple of my favourites.

    Race Rocks, Trent River Canyon, Blue Collar, Crafty Butcher, 2 Flat tires, Black Hole, Space Nugget.

    Furtherburger, Blockhead, Bucket of Blood, Bear Buns, Tea Pot, Slick Rock, Entrails, Rugburn, Lower Crafty Butcher, and over a bit to Missing and Found Link.

    These can be linked up in differently ways as well.

    Cumberland is a small Village, but is a hotbed of mountain biking.
    Dodge City Cycles is a great shop and the others in nearby Courtney and Comox are awsome as well. In Cumby I love Riders Pizza, Cumberland Brewing Company, Tarbell's Coffee and lunch, Wandering Moose coffe and lunch, The Waverley Pub, Mars on Main breakfast and lunch, and Narutor Japanese and Korean takeaway in the Mini Mart. Lots of great places in Courtenay and Comox to eat and drink as well.

    I am old & slow but sometimes show people around the local trails. Generally take my time on the way up unless my order of Shark Testosterone from Aliexpress shows up soon. PM me if you like, if not there are always people heading out from the parking lot all summer. It has been very dry and the trails were closed for a bit due to the fire danger. I hope it doesn't happen again but if it does I will post it.
  • 08-05-2015
    Hey, I know this is a bit late but stop by Smithers and Burns Lake as we have quite a few amazing trails in the area. I suggest stopping by COB Bikes in Smithers and Burnt Bikes in Burns Lake to get a low-down on the trails by the guys who built them themselves.

    Hope you have a good trip!
  • 08-05-2015
    There is a lot of good trails.

    One of the best that I have ridden recently is Big Ed in Vernon. Check out stage 3 of single track 6 for the route.