Rossland or Kamloops, BC

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  • 08-27-2005
    Rossland or Kamloops, BC
    Can someone kindly recommend good accommodations, with a family style atmosphere in Rossland or Kamloops, BC? Must be pet friendly for one small trained dog. There are some nice places in Rossland, but they seem very pet unfriendly. If you have a good word of mouth friend with a small house I'd be up for that too.


  • 08-28-2005
    Kamloops info.
    We camped in Kamloops outside of town at Knutsford campground. It was dog / kid friendly and the tent camping is separate from the RV area. Folks were nice and the place was maintained.

    For better info. on places to stay that don't involve camping, call Full Boar bikes and talk with Trevor. He's the owner, great rider, all-around cool guy and one of the best hosts I've ever met. We had intended on just doing 2 days in Kamloops, but due to their unbelievable hospitality, we stayed for 4.

    Something else is to look into places up near Sun Peaks. They've got the bike park and XC trails up there too. May be a better family place to stay than in Kamloops proper.

    If you're into FR, hook up with the Full Boar boys for an evening shop ride out at Harper Mt. You'll be blown away with the riding level of the typical 'loops's easy to understand why so many FR superstars are from that area.

  • 08-30-2005
    :D Thanks man. As always your free advice is always above and beyond the call of duty!
  • 08-30-2005
    If you camp at Knutsford....
    ......there's a trail that you can ride to right from the campground (Pederson Creek) and then do a bunch of loops around there and end up in town. There's a bus that takes you within a mile of the campground with an easy spin home. Again, camping may not be feasible with the fam, but thought I'd throw that info. out. Trevor can give details if you were to stop into the shop.

    Also, there's a new bike park (called the Kamloops Bike Ranch) right out of town. Curt Doyle, one of the head dudes at Full Boar, spent countless hours working on that. The full boar posse (Doyle, Trever, Brandon, Tysun, etc. ) are all very cool folks.

  • 09-01-2005
    Personally I'm not a huge fan of Full Boar (although my mom teaches Trevor's son and I know Tysun), I prefer Bicycle Cafe, which is right at the bottom of Rose Hill.
  • 09-06-2005
    For Rossland - try here

    She has cats but as long as your dog gets along with cats I,m sure she won't mind. Call ahead first to confirm