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    Riding around Victoria and Nanaimo?

    I was planning on riding Mt Washington in two weeks but found out recently that the bike park will not be open till the 15th and condo was booked already. Are there places to ride around the resort or should I stay around Comox Valley and ride around there?

    Any trail suggestions for 3-4 hour rides for 2 days? The rest will be family time and I will be in Whistler a few days before coming here so nothing too strenuous.
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    Scrubbed the plan for Mt Wash and just gonna stay in Victoria and Nanaimo. Any suggestions for good rides in that area are appreciated, AM type of riding or shuttle since I will have a beefed up AM bike to handle Whistler BP.

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    Hi, if around Victoria try the most obvious; Mt. Work/Hartland MTB Park. There are lots of trails that will work a beefy AM bike - you just have to earn them by climbing up

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    Mt Prevost for the shuttles. There's enough people on the weekends to find someone to shuttle
    with...post shuttle beers for the drivers is proper.

    Tzouhelem (sp?) is also a awesome ride, not a shuttle but if I can push my 47lb demo up it
    you can ride/push your "beefed up AM" bike.

    The other way from victoria (and the dump/hartland) is in Sooke, which has two mts to ride.
    Harbourview is awesome, pick up a map from Lorien at Sooke mountain cycles. The climb is
    very hard, but the view from the top is one of the best, and the trails are pretty damn fun and
    getting better all the time. Lots of rock so bring grippy tires.

    Broome hill has more "new school" kind of stuff, but lots of ride arounds around the drops/jumps.
    The peddle/push up isn't as bad as HV, the view from the top is also fantastic and the trails
    are pretty buff. Again, get a map from Lorien.

    If you're looking for people to ride with go to: http://www.vimb.com/bboard/index.php where
    most of us south islanders are.

    There's a lot more than just those five places on the south island, and Dan (who's on the
    vimb board) has written a book that shows them all, he also made the maps of HV and Broome.

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