• 08-28-2014
    New rider on North Shore - What bike would you recommend?
    Hi guys, I just wanted to say Hi and use your experience of the North Shore to bring me some lights.
    I just discovered the fun of mountain biking, last week end in Whistler, and now I'm trying to seek what kind of bikes should I aim for the North Shore.
    I'm not a beginner on a bike (road bike) but last week end was my first time off road. What I am looking for is just to have some fun, riding the trails, climbing, descending, you know, just enjoying this great playground :)
    My first question is: FS or HT ?
    I've seen that HT are significantly less expensive than FS but will it be still doable for someone with little experience on the north shore?

    Then, the second question I have is what type of bike aiming for regarding the trail type that I will likely found up there? trail? freeride? AM? XC?

    My plan is also to check with Endless Biking to take some additional lessons.

    Thank you a lot for your advices, and in the mean time, maybe see you up there ;)
  • 08-28-2014
    Endless Biking will also be able to rent you a variety of bikes with different wheel sizes and travel, that will tell you what you need to know about picking a bike. But you'll likely end up with a 27.5" wheel bike with 150mm of travel for North Vancouver for most trails, unless you decide you're a hard core freerider, then you'll be looking at 170-180mm of travel.
  • 08-29-2014
    Thanks, renting with Endless is a good suggestion :)
    I'll definitively try that