Cut and paste from email below.



We have a great opportunity coming up on Sunday, February 27th and need
your help!

There is a really trashed section of the Baden Powell trail between old
Mountain Highway and Mountain View Park. It's on a steep section of the
trail and it's very eroded and rocky.

We've decided to do a joint NSMBA / Trail Runners trail day on the
section. The District of North Van is onside and Steed Cycles is going
to sponsor the day and feed us.

This section is not heavily used for mtb, but this will win us TONS of
support from the locals who will see us out fixing a non-mtb trail. We
are going to do a mail drop in local houses to tell them what we're
doing as well as getting the NSMBA tent out.

Never been to a trail day? This is THE one to start the trail season
off!. It's a blast, you'll enjoy getting down and dirty with a bunch of
good people. For all the hard workers who have been helping on the
trails previously we hope you will bring your enthusiasm and smiles to
make this a great trail day!

North Shore Mountain Biking Association!