Moving to Alberta-
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    Moving to Alberta

    Next year I'm planning to move from europe to Alberta. I will like to live somewhere near rocky mountains, and find job in IT department. I do mtb and skitouring.
    I read a lot about living in Alberta, but I will like to hear your experiences, and which cities do you prefer.

    Thanks for any informations!

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    That would be Calgary you'd be targeting, the largest city closest to the Rockies, and enough oil company and bank offices to need IT. Less than 1 hour drive to the foothills trail heads and less than 90 minutes to trail heads in the east slopes of the Rockies.

    Smaller towns like Canmore would put you right in the mountains, but IT job opportunities would be much much slimmer.

    The provincial capital Edmonton is about 3 hours or so from the Rockies and about 3 hours drive north of Calgary.

    Lethbridge is south of Calgary and is a mid-sized city with a university and is about twice as far from the Rockies as Calgary.

    This website has a lot of trail info on the trails in the Calgary area, the Bow River Valley, Kananaskis Country, Canmore and Banff.

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    Calgary is the only city that will work for you in Alberta. Edmonton is too far from skiing and mountain-bike destinations.
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    I agree that Calgary is probably the place to look for a job. As far as where to live, I would suggest Cochrane. The commute into Calgary is reasonable and when its time to head to the mountains you are a bit closer with no real traffic to escape town. Cochrane (population about 20,000) is about 15 minutes from NW Calgary or 30-45 minutes to downtown depending on traffic. You can get to the West Bragg Creek Trailhead in 25 minutes or to Canmore in 45 minutes, Banff in an hour. Many mountain bikers in Cochrane ride road bikes as well because we're spoiled with miles of nice paved roads heading in every direction from town and you can actually ride from your home rather than driving to the edge of the city (pretty much a requirement for road riding from many communities in Calgary). Good luck.

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    Thanks to all for your replies! And Bikebros if you need a new Bro, I'm very good mechanic... ))

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    It is very dry here in Calgary, lived here all my life and travelled all around the world. Cochrane is good, stay well away from the NE especially past Whitehorn. Its cheap rent and cheap houses in the quadrant..... for a reason. Plus the planes are landing/taking off in that area. NW is good. The SW and most of the SE are the ideal quandrants to live in. Some areas of concern, Forest Lawn/Penbrooke, Dover if buying, cheaper rents.

    A major point is the Drop-In Centre (Where hundreds of bums congregate for food, shelter etc) just bought the old hotel up off Edmonton Trail and Mcknight. The land that they have downtown is prime real estate, so my guess is they are going to build a brand new tall condo there right on the river. So the hotel now, will hold the homeless and the crime rate, vandalism rate, thefts will sky rocket, not to mention everyone thats roaming the alleys for $0.10 and $0.25 bottles including milk cartons. The real estate value in the neighborhoods around the D.I. will fall in value. Funny how that sale went through without no community town hall meetings.

    As a heads-up if you are buying, check out this website
    Flood Hazard Map Application
    with the recent floods in AB in July 2013, the houses in the danger zone should be cheap, I havent checked on -Welcome at all.

    Downtown rental rates are very high, downtown parkades are sky high rates. The train is the best to get to/from DT. I think its like $100 for a monthly bus pass now, rates are always going up. Heck Vancouver has cheaper transit rates, dunno about the area of zone 1 compared to Cowtown.

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    Live in Calgary and love it, but it should be mentioned that Edmonton has some decent in and around city trails and they do have Jasper not far away. I still think Calgary is the better bet, but if you found a job in Edmonton it wouldn't be the end of the world. lol, despite what most people in Calgary will tell you, including myself normally... must be feeling congenial today.

    If you need a real estate agent in Calgary or anything give me a buzz and I will hook you up with my folks who have lots of knowledge and experience on buying in the Calgary area. Otherwise welcome and hope you have an awesome stay in Alberta!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktmrider View Post
    Thanks to all for your replies! And Bikebros if you need a new Bro, I'm very good mechanic... ))
    What a coincidence. Bike Bros. is looking for a good mechanic.
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    I agree......Calgary is your only real option for what you want.
    However, if you work in IT Canmore could be a better option but it depends if you can work from home and drive to Calgary every so often!!

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    invermere is NOT ready to ride yet. even the south facing Deja view is mostly snow covered...

    anyone hiked up prairie view to see?
    good ski/bike deals at

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