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    misty mtn, forgetmenot rounder...

    hey guys,

    anyone ( probably have) ever ridden the misty mtn rounder or forgetmenot rounder from eastcott?

    any other suggestions on a technical 40+ km ride? we've already done the classics (around moose, jp/cox etc.).

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    I did the Around the Misty a few years ago.......('97 to be exact)
    I have been meaning to get out to AB for some more riding but maybe next year.
    The Misty ride is still one of my favorite rides that I have done.
    It has a little of everything: road--double track--single track--creek crossings--hike/abike-- incredible scenery--wild life encounters (if your lucky)--4 mountain name a few highlights.
    Park at misty Parking lot and do the loop as it says in Eastcotts book. That is what I did. If you don't want a 54 km day you can always eliminate the road ride but then really have not done the true "Around the Misty Range" ride......
    For me the trail was not all that difficult technically but you have to be a strong XC rider to really enjoy it. The Elbow trail and the Sheep trail were double track with lots of stone about but very rideable.
    Going up Rickerts Pass was a steep 2.5 hike-a-bike section. But once you are at the top the ride down is on some really sweet single track, in prime Grizzly country. This section is what makes the climb worth it in IMHO
    It took us about a total of 10 hours to get back to the truck. We took our time when we did it, so if your pushed it you could knock off a couple hours or more. When we did it the road section was windy/cold/ with snow pellets but the day got better once we got to Elbow Lake.
    Rickerts Pass should be clear of snow and the Fall colours should be incredible. I did it around the same time. When I rode it I used my Brodie Expresso (HT) and survived.
    The only thing I can't tell you how the condition of the trail is as I have not done it for sometime. But if I ever get out there this is one ride I want to do again but with my 5-spot!!!
    As for "Forget Me rounder" I had planned to do it but the weather did not cooperate with me and I ran out of time.
    Hope that helps.

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    I have not ridden the misty range, but have done the forgetmenot rounder twice.

    It a great ride. The climb up from little elbow is a real puker. From there you start making your way around. The section near Gorge creek up to Volcano ridge is a little confusing. Be careful here and watch for the orange signs. I know a few riders that have gotten lost here and turned things into a 12 hour hell ride. The first time you see Volcano gorge your just dumbstruck. Where the ### did that come from. Awesome! Whats funner that the Wildhorse downhill. Technical enough to make you think but smooth enough to fly!


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    check out;

    I've posted a report about Misty Range on the XC forum. It's super fun and the views are unbelievable.

    The downside is the 1hour push up to Rickert's Pass. Completely unridable and steep as hell. It's a great ride!
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    thanks guys

    if this damned weather clears up, there should be a couple good epics left in the area. i definately would love to scratch misty off my list this season.
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    Did a little search on Forgetmenot and found a few old threads. Thought I'd pick one without all of the pictures to save loading.

    Just wondering if it would be worth doing it in the other direction? Did Wildhorse as an out and back this past weekend and I agree that the downhill coming out of wildhorse is fun but how would the "puker climb" starting forgetmenot be for a downhill? Just curious??

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    Mist Ridge and Forgetmenot are both good rides, with Mist being my favorite of the two.

    Volcano Ridge is pretty cool too, especially if you do the Hogsback option.

    Junction Mountain Fire Lookout with the option is not bad. The climb up on the old road into the alpine is beautiful and the switchbacking singletrack down is great. The downfall is the ride back is in the bush on old exploration roads. Still a cool spot.

    Sullivan Pass & Highrock Ridge is great, at least it used to be when the TransRockies used to go through there. They kept the old trails deadfall free. An incredible point to point would be Junction Mtn, down the single track, over High Rock Ridge and down Grass Pass. More or less a modified version of the Sheep to Highwood.

    Up north you could check out Kootenay Plains and Siffleur Falls. Not super long but some great singletrack to explore on. Landslide Lake or even just the single track up the Cline River are worth looking into.

    Or you could repeat our sunday ride... Up Mist Ridge, down Rickerts, down the sheep, up Junction Creek, up Waterfall Creek, over a pass and down into Picklejar Lakes and out Lantern Creek. 47km in 10hrs. GPS came in handy on that one...
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