This March, Give the Andrew (or other derivative: Andy, Andrea, Drew, Dre, Andre, Andreas, Andries, etc) in Your Life something special...

Give them the gift, of exclusivity.

Every year Hundreds (thousands?) of Andrews who ride Mountain Bikes go without an invitation to the "All Andrew's Ride" (This will be number 3!)

Hundreds! (it is the 38th most popular male name in Canada)

This year, You can make a difference (or hell, legally change your name and come along... p.s. we do check I.D.)


On Saturday the 17th of March we will be embarking on yet another edition of our hallowed tradition (This years ride will either be on the North Shore or in Squamish. Exact location TBD).

The Andrew in your life can secure an invitation simply by contacting me, Andrew, by PM.

Some call us elitist... some call us weird... but everyone calls us Andrew!


(If your name isn't Andrew, Andrea, Andy, Drew, Dre of some other derivative of this great appellation then you're not invited. Sorry.)