How's it like to ride in Ottowa-
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    How's it like to ride in Ottowa

    Hey riders, I am looking into perhaps moving into Canada and in my field of work Ottowa is the city with most employers. How's riding like in Ottowa compared to BC or Alberta?


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    Kinda flat-ish and a drive to get there

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    I have not ridden there so this not from me personally.
    However, this is coming from a friend of mine and a comment he had when he moved temporarily with his wife to Ottawa for 2 years.
    He is from Vancouver and rode on the North Shore, Squamish and Whistler, just to give you a idea the terrain he rode. (And they were the black diamond runs not the blues....but no the crazy stuff!)
    His comment was; "If you can ride most stuff in BC you will not have any issues they offer for rides around Ottawa!"

    For example; He looked up what rides were around and there was one that had warnings to not go by yourself, long ride (7 hours plus) blab, blab, blab........ don't remember the name ...sorry

    He did not do that one right away but ended up doing it by himself in like 3 hours and it was not as hard as the write up said it was.

    So read into to that what you want but my attitude is if you can ride most stuff in BC anything else won't be or seem any harder!

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    Blue Intermediate trails in coastal BC are about like red diamond or even some black diamond trails at Mont Sainte Anne, so I expect it would be similar in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
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    I grew up riding in Ottawa but have not riden there in over 10 years so my info is out of date, but:

    • The riding is in the Gatineau Park, in Quebec (15 minutes from downtown ottawa).
    • Last time I was there riding was not allowed in the Park except for a very few select and useless trials (due to fears of erosion). I would look up what the current rules are.
    • They would patrol the trails and issue tickets if you were unable to ride away. Near the end most of my rides were at night to avoid this. Sometimes Park rangers would sit in the parking lots at a trail head so we needed to check before we exited the trail.
    • The trails are largely flat, rooty and rocky.
    • I dont think that there was really any riding outside of the Gatineaus - that has probably changed. However, Camp Fortune (a ski resort within the Park) had a decent trail system that it would charge for.

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