How is the air quality looking in central BC this week?-
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    How is the air quality looking in central BC this week?

    Starting tomorrow, my wife and I are planning to drive from Prince Rupert through Kamloops and Revelstoke one our way to Banff and then Calgary. We have been planning to ride in Williams Lake, Kamloops, Revelstoke, and Kicking Horse but it looks like those areas all might be impacted by the BC fires. Does anyone have beta on the current air quality in those towns?

    Our alternative is to drive down to Whistler and stay there for the week but we'd prefer to ride those other areas if conditions permitted.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm of no help but can tell you I had a friend that was in Squamish all of last week and said the smoke was very noticeable in that area. I'm glad I was able to get up there in July. I had no idea anything was on fire up there.
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    Here's the interactive map of air quality in BC, they have options for small particulate, large particulate, O3 and other pollutants

    Air Quality Health Index - Current Air Monitoring Data Map - BC Air Quality - Province of British Columbia
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    Today in calagry it was not noticeable.

    I rode outside of calagary in bragg creek a few weeks ago when it was bad, and I donít think I noticed it, but I did not ride as hard as I usually do.

    I think if you are strong and in good shape, with no respiratory issues, you will likely be ok.

    I follow,wandering wheels a bike guide out of revelstoke, and he still seems to be running tours thru this.
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    The last few days have improved dramatically across the province.

    This is a another resource that shows the rating in major towns.

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    Definitely keep an eye on the resources available and maybe stay somewhat flexible if possible.

    I'm in Rossland, so south of your destinations. We had a number of days the past couple weeks where our local air quality was the worst or a close tie for the worst in N.America.

    We got some showers Sunday night, so yesterday and this morning were much, much better. However I am currently watching the smoke roll back in, been happening over the past couple hours. The fires aren't out, so it was just a small reprieve. Hopefully it doesn't get near as bad as it was, but it will be back.
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    Really nice day again here in south central BC. The smoke started coming in yesterday, but then blew back out.

    I'll take it.
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