I have been looking around at the cost of bus fare and shuttles from YVR to Whistler and was hoping someone would find it advantageous to both of us to pick me up from the airport and haul my arss up, if you are heading that way to take me up with you.

I will not have a bike, just a single bag of carry-on luggage.

My plane is scheduled to arrive at YVR @ 12:24pm, so I guess realistically I would be available for pick up after 1:30 assuming there are no delays, at your relative convenience.

I am also very open to suggestions, if there are less advertised shuttles that go up that are more economical etc.

I am finding buses for around 60, would be more than happy to give 30 USD to someone already heading up there to make a detour for me.

Thanks in advance, please PM me if you can be of help