Hey guys,

looking for some local advice. Heading to the in-laws this weekend and planning to ride Hartland / Durrance lake area.

Couple of questions:

1. Has there been any Cougar sightings in the area lately? The in laws live on Mark Lane (bottom end of Willis Point Road) and frequently report sightings down there but not too sure where to check for sightings on the trails.

2. Are trail dogs allowed in that area? I am planning on taking my pooche with me.

3. Any good suggestions on a longer loop? 30km or more? Last time I visited I seemed to loose track of where I was rather easily even though I had a trail map and ended up backtracking a fair bit. I will be riding from Mark Lane up from "the bite" on an 120mm xc bike. Any trails should be fine as long as there are no big drops.

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!