Gladstone Provincial Park - Xenia lake and Christina Crest?-
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    Gladstone Provincial Park - Xenia lake and Christina Crest?

    We’re an experienced crew of adventure riders looking for longer trail rides on our way to Rossland. Of course we are planning on Seven Summits and riding Rossland “town” trails but SS sounds like it is still mostly closed and we are looking for other longer mountain rides. This crew has pushed/pedalled up Mt. Cartier in Revelstoke (twice) so we’re up for adversity, but also don’t want to waste time on a total crap show of blowdowns every 50 ft and miles of snow punching either.

    I am looking at riding us up Deer Point along Christina lake and then going up Xenia lake trail. I have seen an old (undated) message that Xenia lake would be totally unrideable, but then a report from last year on Trailforks that indicated it was good going downhill at least. And if it can be ridden downhill we’re willing to work our way up it. Any information either way is appreciated.

    I am also eyeing Christina Ridge which looks like a hearty 10 mile ridge trail that would make a tough OAB ride. Anyone know its condition/snow level or any other information ?

    Happy to hear about any other longer rides in the Gladstone and Rossland area (we are not planning on going up to Penticton). We have a local to guide us in Rossland so don’t need beta about the local trails around that area unless its something obscure.

    Xenia Lake trail two different posts:
    "It is absolutely impossible to bike the Xenia trail, so bring a lock for your ride."

    but according to trailforks (2016), its definitely rideable down

    "The best way to use this trail is as a weekend family getaway. Head to Xenia lake for some camping (and wicked fishing). When it's time leave, the riders descend down Xenia lake trail and head out to Texas Point Provincial Campground meeting up with the "non-riders" of the group who driven around"

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    Never rode Xenia..but wildways will know...

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    Thanks - I actually did call them yesterday. The guy said Xenia is a no go as maintenance on the trail is "discouraged" and its overgrown/detiorated. We're going to give Deer Point a try and since we'll be down there we'll at least take a look at it. He said Christina Crest is a hearty ride and that he though the trail crew might have even been up there this week. So we will probably give those a go, I'll update this thread when I get back.

    DarkLord I'll be in touch with you in the next 48 hours or so.

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    I thought I should circle back on this -

    Christina Crest is indeed an old school moto style trail. We enjoyed although we did wimp out and only go to the high point instead of finishing it, but some interesting climbs and ups and downs, not as much great scenery as I expected. I would warn most people away from riding this unless you like old school gnarl riding. We skipped the 2nd part because on this hot day (and after a moonlight swim the previous night) we could not resist the siren call of hte Deer Point trail and the lake. I totally forgot to ride down the Dewdney DH trail nearby which was a big miss on my part.

    Deer Point starts with an absolutely wonderful climb - steep, somewhat techy, after fighting Christina Crest in the morning it was a good challenge on unfresh legs. After the climb (30 minutes ?) it mellows out and is a fun fast trail with just enough tech to have some fun. Again we went about halfway down the lake before running out of clock time as we didn't have a camp reserved for another night and had to still drive to Rossland (and swim in the lake of course).

    Its not our style to do half assed rides but that's how it worked out. If I come back I woudl just ride Deer point, see if there's anything to be salvaged on Xenia, and then if needed give Christina crest a go the next day and make sure to include Dewdney in the mix.

    We went to Rossland and had a great time there as well.

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