Does anyone what's up !!!-
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    Upset Does anyone know what's up !!!

    We all still wait to see if 24 HOA is going to have any events in Western Canada in 2006.
    I have received, as I'm sure others have email after email saying tommorrow or next week it will be posted.(see below.) Has anyone heard anything.I would prefer, like others to stay in Canada to race 24hr events, but it looks like the U.S will get all my races this year if 24HOA doesn't put out some info soon. Has anyone any info??? because this sucks.

    Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 10:02 AM
    Subject: Re: Canada

    > Hi,
    > the Canmore event date will be announced by weeks end, others may
    > follow. Registration will open either Friday or the following Monday.
    > With the new changes at the Nordic Centre (this past year) I have
    > traveled now twice to review how the changes will affect our event.
    > So far I believe the changes will benefit our 10th year anniversary.
    > All past riders with valid email addresses (members) will be
    > notified. If you have not participated in the past please see our web
    > site on Friday.
    > thanks
    > Stuart
    > Founder
    > 24 Hours of Adrenalin
    > On Jan 2, 2006, at 8:15 PM:
    >> Whats going on for Canadian events you said you'd be posting the
    >> events last week.Part 2.
    >> Are you still going to be doing Canadian or just U.S. for 06/I know
    >> lots of racers who are anxoiusly waiting for you Canadian events in
    >> Western Canada.
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    Don't make Stuart cry or he might ban you from his events.

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    After all the crap regarding 24HOA in Canmore, why don't you guys host your own event? It's not that hard, it can be fun, and you can make some $. Just a thought, as I'd love to come out to Alberta and race a 24 hour enduro... with a few of my friends!

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