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    Difficulty of whistler ?

    thought I'd ask. also I need a reccomendation of travel. figured I'd ask here, cuz you guys probably know it best. but I want to hit trails such as a-line and dirtmerchant. but I think some of the jumps mught be a litle too big for my skill level. on some of the jumps, is it possible to just roll through them ? can you be somewhat selective of what you hit up there ?

    and the second question. I have basically two forks to bring up there. a fixed stance kingpin or a 130mm drop off comp (20mm through axle) I know they're bolth kind of annoying forks. but its all I really have. I could possibly pick up a beat to hell older jr T or something like that, I have about 200 bucks, but that 200 bucks is going twords a secret little project of mine.
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    I would also like to hear an answer.

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    to give you a simple answer..... usually there is something at the entrance to the trail...say a jump or something. If you are unable to do that then that particular trail is not really for your ability level. But as with anything I'm sure some people manage to avoid this. But we do have really good first aid people and a great clinic here in town

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    perhaps it might help if you mention where you are from, it is very likely someone from your local area will have been to whistler and can give you some comparisons.

    Personally, when we visited whistler the mountain's classic lines were a little big for my comfort level, but the riding in the surrounding areas was absolutely insanely fun. Rides like comfortably numb and river runs through along with what ever suits your style on the mountain make it an absolute must visit destination. (I drove from colorado to go there)

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    most of the jumps on whistler are either rollable, or have ride-arounds. just watch for guys coming from behind at high speed...

    there's no need to run a DC fork, either of the ones you have would be fine. run the one that you find stiffest (i've had neither fork).

    whistler is one of the most ridable ski resorts there is.
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    if you're not comfortable on jumps but are set on riding aline, i'd recommend doing it on a weekday. if you're there on a weekend, you'll have someone on your a$$ every 10 seconds

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