• 06-19-2012
    Coming to Vancouver late July, looking to join a group ride...
    Hey folks - I'll be in Vancouver for the last week of July and was hoping to rent a bike and hook up with a local group for an XC/AM ride. I'm staying downtown and relying on public transport to get me around - any suggestions for a group ride perhaps on the North Shore or somewhere else I can get to by bus? Also any shops to rent a bike from in the area?

    I ride technical xc (as tech as it gets in Ontario...) and would say I'm a strong intermediate rider just looking to soak in some of the awesomeness I've heard about Vancouver-area singletrack...

  • 06-19-2012
    You can combine North Shore bike rentals and guiding with Endless Biking, and that's not a bad idea as a lot of blue trails here look like double black diamond XC trails in Ont/Que, so Endless can get you onto trails you feel comfortable with (as it's easy to make a turn onto a trail that can get challenging in a hurry).

    Different Bikes North Vancouver location also rents bikes near the base of Mt.Seymour.

    You can have a look at photos from trails on Cypress, Fromme and Seymour on the topo maps at Gutsploder Click on the dots to get a photo pop up. That will give you an idea of what the trails are like.