I couldn't find anything on this hotel when I was looking and thought I'd post up a review for those that may be considering this place. We paid about $190/night for a 2 bedroom in late July.

Location- Not a bad ride down the hill to the bike lift in the next village. The climb back up is vicious. LOL!

Layout- Bike friendly staff and was told I could take my bike to the room if I was not comfortable with the lockers. Lockers were free and are within a locked cage so double protection. Very comfortable with the lockers.

Rooms- Hotel is just getting a little tired. Probably give it a 3 star out of five. Everything was clean and quiet, but just needs an update. Kitchen in rooms is handy and some great views. Pool is average.

Amenities- Internet was free and they do serve a decent breakfast at no charge in the lobby. This alone can save you a fortune and one less meal to prepare in your room.