Big Konas stolen in East Van-
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    Big Konas stolen in East Van

    I lost my rather large Konas and my kid's mtb last night. I didn't notice that my steel door didn't have the hinges reinforced - whoops. They're a bit odd since they are the largest stock bikes made by Kona and have non-standard parts:

    - silver and black cranks on the 05 22" Hoss Deelux.
    - 20mm all black lowers on the 04 20" Stinky (9mm was standard).

    Any help would be rewarded in some sort of big way.

    04 Kona Stinky 20"
    - orange and black
    - nonstandard 20mm front axle
    - alex dx 32 front rim / mithras tank hub
    - no stickers on lowers - all black
    - ser no h4b00858

    05 Kona Hoss Deluze 22"
    - ser no F502Y21598
    - blue
    - paint rubbed on steer tube
    - blue elect tape over it
    - drive side crank black, other silver

    03 Trek MT60
    - kids 20" wheels
    - white and silver
    - ser no AS3L0499

    Mike Rascher
    755 East 22nd Ave
    Vancouver, BC, V5V 1V5

    p: 604.874.4053
    c: 604.715.1992
    e: mrascher at

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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck mrascher.
    Hopefully your insurance will cover your loss????
    Otherwise it is really tough luck...........

    Hopefully they catch the #%$!&%$# er's who did it!!!!!

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