My wife and I are doing BCBR this summer -- we're pretty excited. My question is about "Day Zero" or whatever they call it -- the registration/kit pickup in Vancouver. Has anyone ever skipped it?

We have family in the Cumberland area (the site of Stage One) so we'll be flying directly up there from Eastern Canada. We'll be there for a few days before the start of the race. Having to make a trip all the way down to Vancouver to pick up the race stuff and then truck it all the way back up Island to where we were in the first place, for stage one, would be a huge hassle.

I sent an email to the race people but haven't heard back. Anyone ever picked up their number plate etc. in Cumberland on Day One? I know there are plenty of riders from that area in the race. Did you make a special trip to Vancouver to sign in?

I've done the race before and did the whole sign in/meeting thing in Vancouver -- I don't fell like missing it would be a problem.