July 25, 2009 - Mission, BC

This years course:

The start/lap/finish for this year's race will be at "the pipes" and the race will not run through the gun club as in years past.

The big climb right to the top of Red Mountain is back for 2009! Some people felt last years course was too technical, so this years is not as technical, but it's twice as long!

You'll drop in to the fast, chundery goodness of Big Red, which runs straight into the super fast singletrack of Better Red. Bang a right on the logging road and head up to Red Rider. Keep left where Red Rider splits off (Momentum is on the right) and follow Red Rider out to the road. Bang a quick right on the logging road then head right into the connector trail that joins up with lower Momentum and hang a left when you get there. When Momentum spits you out onto the lower logging road, wipe the **** eating grin off your face and turn left towards the start/lap/finish area (where the 2 logging roads meet).

The course should be marked by next weekend.

Check out https://www.bearmountainchallenge.com for more details or register at https://www.karelo.com