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    WTB & Stans

    Has anyone tried WTB nonUSt tires with Stan's?/ I am running some HUGE tires on the hardtail for winter riding (Kenda Blue Groove 2.5 (f) / Schwalbe Fat Albert (r)) While I'm not a very devout weight weenie, my winter set-up adds a ton of rotational weight to the bike. I am looking at the Hutchinson Spider USt, but am also intrigued by the look of the WTB Epic Wolf. I was unable to get the Kendas to hold air with Stands and my Mavic 819 rims, so I have a tube up front. Wondering about people's results with WTB and also maybe how have you done with the no UST Hutch's and Stans? Thanx Folks!!!

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    Ive been using a MutanoRaptor 2.4 Race as a front, it mounted very easily and inflated with a floor pump. I've also used a VelociRaptor 2.1 as a rear, just as easy to mount, both on Bontrager Valiants.
    I know PedalAZ is using WTB's and stans, maybe he'll chime in.
    I use a Python Airlight for a rear and it mounts easily, same for the Mosquito, I haven't tried the UST Hutchinsons but I might try the Spider Airlight UST
    P.S. I've tried Kenda Klimax Lite with Stans on Valiants and they were a bit*h to mount!
    I should be doing something more productive with my time!

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    I'm about to try Timberwolves on Rhynolites. They're a tight fit, so should inflate pretty easily, and I can run them at 25 psi tubed, so 28 tubeless should work great.
    I've been using a ghetto setup with a cut down 20" tube, but may try these without, and see if it works. The fit is really tight, so installing with a strip in between the bead and hook might not be possible.
    I thought I'd be fine with tubes, because of the size, but got taken out by a thumbtack last weekend. Of course, it hit between the knobs, where there's onlt a few mm's of rubber, and not the knobs themselves, which are sky-high.
    I guess it was my time, though, after a long time without any issues, and making the mistake of opening my big mouth here.

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    All WTB tires work great with Stan's or run UST with sealant.

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