Has this been posted already? A buddy bought one, and compared. 5g lighter, and according to him a much more reliable design. Although he liked the original one (I hate it with all my heart), he did strip one of his bolts. I now have his old clamp, so if I get an ewird energy peak, I have 3 total tries to convert an older clamp to Cyclops, by drilling a hole and sticking in a bolt or threaded axle.

My 420x31.6mm Alu Alien is 230g. I need it for a lightweight project, now using a 410mm 236g Thomson. The lightest full-length Thomson I know of, 27.2mm is much heavier.

SHOULD I buy the Cyclops (I HATE paying for a replacement part that should have been good in the first place, look how syntace handles this)...I drop 5g and hit 225g.
As I don't need more than 370-380mm, I can easily drop another 16g (4gr.cm?) and come in the low 200's. At the same length, a Thomson will still weigh ~15g more.

I also have an Alu Alien 27.2x420mm, 212g. 207g with Cyclops would be a nice weight to put it in my Fishre which can use all the seatpost it can get (low toptube).

My buddy did make me consider prepping an Alien with some contact goo, as I always had slippage with my Aliens. Upon landing the seat would tilt back and take 15min to be re-adjusted, even with a 2.5mm tool around for the job. Ruined quite a few of my rides. Torquing the bolts and harder, and they'd strip.
Overall, the Cyclops seems to be more thought through, but this is all 2nd hand info, I haven't seen one real and wouldn't know how to tell good from bad anyway.

Sorry if I bored you, it killed 5min of my boring evening, waiting for a TV program I want to see. Any Cyclops owners out there?