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    Is there a chart for common MTB groupset weights, ranked by gearing?

    I'm looking at different components/groupsets for my next bike, and while there is pretty good information online about 11/12 speeds, it gets more disorganized at 10 speed and below. The reason I'm looking at a 2x9 speed crankset is because I'm trying to build something around 25-26 lbs for $1000 w/o a new wheelset (I already have plenty of 100/135mm wheels). Also, most of the info. online is about road bike groupsets, which doesn't help a lot.

    When looking at just the crankset weight without BB's, I was pretty surprised that the older 9 speed cranksets don't weigh much more than 10/11 speed ones. According to online (which is not always accurate of course), the Acera 3000 2x9 crankset w/o bb is 2 lbs 6 ounces. Deore 2x10 is 1 lb 15 ounces (7 ounces less), and XT 1x11 is 1 lb 13 ounces (9 ounces less). As a percentage of just the crankset comparison weights, that's nice. As a percentage of the total bike weight, it's a bit disappointing. If I'm trying to get the bike to around 25-26 lbs total, 8 ounces is only 2% less weight, even if it's a 1x setup!?! Maybe w/o the front derailleur it's a 2.5 to 3.0% weight loss total, but the 1x11 groupset price is going to go up roughly $350 more compared with 2x9 which blows the $1000 budget.

    And maybe that's OK, but there are ready-to-go hardtails at 26 lbs that already have 11 speeds at $1700 anyway, so it defeats the purpose of building a bike with 1x11 at around $1350, if I can simply buy one mostly assembled for a few hundred more with same/similar components. Since I don't have all of the tools/experience to build a bike I'm assuming LBS labor for the crankset and fork would be around $100-125, which means 1x11 should be bought new as a whole bike and not built up from the frame, at least in my case. I can get away with $100-125 LBS labor and $150 groupset for 2x9, but not 1x11; it just blows the budget too much compared to buying a new $1700 1x11 bike.

    Does someone have (or made) a chart with either individual component or groupset weights for 9-12 speeds? Seems like that would be an excellent sticky on this forum.

    One more question, why exactly is the taped square crankset so terrible?
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    I think your best bet is 1X11, and a 1X XT groupset can be had now on CRC for $420. If the intent is 1X, I think 1X9 probably shortchanges you and the 11 should give plenty of range, subject to your cassette choice.

    Re the weight loss dilemma itself, that's exactly the scenario you'll see on any given component. Moving up the levels for brands, you get diminishing marginal returns on weight, and pay for the privilege. Dropping the shifter and chainrings to move to 1X is actually among the best $/g you can do, but comparing within crank weights is going to yield those tiny gains. A lot of that extra spend isn't worth it.

    If you can, you might consider a workstand, and some basic BB tools (there's a specific wrench for Shimano BBs for example) to do what you can yourself. You'll initially invest a bit more than LBS cost, but future changes cost you nothing. Going forward for example, you can move that 1X stuff to a new frame when the time comes.

    Don't know enough about square taper, but I believe at least part of the impetus away from it was around manufacturing simplicity for the brands - nothing new there.

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    Not sure how tech savvy you are, but almost universally you can buy tools to do the job that a LBS will do and still save money and you own the tools for next time. There are some exceptions for uncommon installations and maintenance, but generally you can save money doing it yourself including the cost of tools.

    Otherwise, weight weenies still has accurate weights for <10sp components. Wheel weight comes into play on the larger and wider rims, but it wasn't difficult to get a decent quality steel frame hardtail down to ~20 - 21 lbs running 3x8 or 3x9, and not even hitting XTR territory components back in the day.

    As for square taper, I'm not an expert in the department, but there's nothing inherently wrong with them. A good UN55 BB will last a long time as far as the bearings go, but there's just no easy or cheap way to make them lighter, and the square taper isn't the best interface. They're like a dense brick of mostly solid steel. The external BB's are stiffer and much lighter and are incomparably easier to work with.
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