I am currently using regular SLR on my MTB and would like to know if anyone in this forum has ever used the bare carbon (NOT CARBONIO) versions of the SLR with either ti tube rail or carbon rail (C64) on their mountain bike and how this compares with the regular SLR, with or without padding (stripped like the ones Nino mentioned to be just as comfy). And also if there's any Tune speedneedle users and AX-lightness users out there who has tried the slr bare carbon versions and can give me a description of the difference.

Since the reg SLR suits me well, am thinking of upgrading to a bare carbon version, either the SLRcarbon or C64, or perhaps go for a Tune or AX; and just put a padded seat cover over the saddle for regular adventure riding and bare for more spirited rides. Also if anybody has ever tried this set up, bare cargon with seat cover on their mountain bike, if it works or not; does the cover slide around, etc? And what cover would be good? Am thinking Selle italia seat cover

your recommendation is highly appreciated