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    Roadie update with pictures...

    Well I got all mmy Campy parts and the KCNC cassette.
    With the Chorus Egros, FD tuned, RD with Tiso Jockey wheels and tuned, KCNC 11-21 I only lost 150g for the Shimano Ulterga/DA set-up .

    I was hoping for a bigger loss, but that's life. And no RECORD is not an option.

    I will post some pics the full build next week when I am done.

    KCNC 11-21 CAMPY 10spd

    My supplier says if I don't get 4000+ perfect miles from this, I can have a Campy Chrous cassette fro free. he has one with 4000+ miles and doing well. I might make the same offer after I get soem time on it and see myself to anyone who buys one. Or yopu can get a Shimano if that's your thing .

    Campy Chorus Braze-One FD Tuned

    A Campy FD Clamp in Black is on the way, and I have a Ti bolt and a Blue Ano Aluminum bolt for it. I think the Ti bolt with look better with the Black Clamp.

    Campy Chorus RD - SC Tuned

    Campy Chorus Ergo 10's

    Aluminum bolts are on the way to shave a few grams. I had the option of BTP clmaps to save more weight, but mu supplier does NOT reccomend them for everyday riding. I am sure Nino will say otherwise .
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