red rubber inserts on syntace stem?-
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    red rubber inserts on syntace stem?

    in the bar clamp area, what are they for? and do you leave them in?

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    They make the bar fit real snug when it's all clamped together.
    If in doubt - pedal harder!!!

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    i would leave it in if i were you. you might damage the bar if you take it out.

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    Leave them in! The clamping of the bar is meant to be a "press" fit and the those red bits should be there.

    Hold the bar in place - add the (2) clamps with the bolts then gently screw in the bolts EVENLY. You will find that the bar gets snugged into place as the bolts are tightened. DO NOT over tighten. Use a torque wrench if you have one.

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    Keep the washers also

    they help to avoid this
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    Syntace stems

    Quote Originally Posted by doccoraje
    they help to avoid this
    Hey Guys,

    The rubber bumpers in the head of the stem are there for only one reason, that is to stop water from entering the stem shaft. Because the stem has a small diameter shaft when it is drilled out there is small openings on the top and bottom the handlebars and it will let moisture and water in if those rubber peices are not there. We also use that area to put the torque spec 8Nm.

    The reason a handlebar is a little harder to get into a Syntace stem is not because of the rubber bumpers, it is because we use a 200 degree wrap in the handlebar clamp area. Most stems have a 180 degree wrap. The reason we do this is to make a better contact area for the bars and stem. This makes it more of a unit than 2 separate parts.

    As for the pictures of the cracked stem, OUCH! I hope you called and got that replaced. That happened because of over tightening. Even though the torque specs are on the stem they are not always followed. What we have done to correct this problem is we added a gram of material inbetween the 2 screws on the steerer tube clamp. This makes it so the stem will bottom out instead of crack when over tightened.

    I hope this helps some, if anyone has any questions please feel free tocontact me.

    Craig "Skippy" Hoyt

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